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Baja Gold sea salt

Nature’s perfect living salt from the mineral and trace element rich Sea of Cortez seasonally produced and harvested.

Baja Gold is truly unique in the world of salt due to its natural lower salinity and incredible concentration of minerals and trace elements.

Seawater from the Sea of Cortez contains 90 minerals and trace elements and over 50,000 natural organic compounds. Every mineral and trace element present in Sea of Cortez seawater is found in Baja Gold sea salt.

Minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and trace elements such as selenium, zinc, yttrium, and gold give Baja Gold its soft texture and tasty flavor.

The most highly mineralized sea salt ever tested!





Baja Gold Kosher Sea Salt is harvested at an inland lagoon located in a remote and pristine estuary on the Sea of Cortez in Baja California. Though the Sea of Cortez is anywhere from 7 to 10 million years old, it is considered relatively young. One of the most biologically diverse and mineral-rich bodies of water on earth, the Sea of Cortez remains today a clean and undeveloped waterscape.


As the Colorado River formed the Grand Canyon and continued south through Utah, Nevada, Arizona and California, tremendous amounts of mineral-rich topsoil were deposited into the river delta area at the northern end of the Sea of Cortez. The estuary and lagoon where Baja Gold isharvested was formed over millions of years by sediment from the Colorado River and the strong tides in the Sea of Cortez.





Baja Gold Sea Salt is produced from the mineral-rich Sea of Cortez and is naturally dehydrated by the sun. It does not come from deposits found in ancient sea beds nor is it created from super saline “dead seas”.

Sea of Cortez water contains 90 minerals and trace elements typically found in seawater plus more than 50,000 natural organic compounds.

Our salt is harvested by Baja natives who use proven traditional salt-making methods inherited over many generations, guaranteeing its superior quality. Baja Gold is never artificially heated, refined, milled or processed.

Naturally low sodium and high minerals and trace elements content give Baja Gold a more distinct and complex flavor than many other common sea and earth salts (processed sodium chloride).