6 Reasons You Need to be Using Oregano Oil


The Highest Quality

We source only the finest 100% pure, unrefined, therapeutic grade origanum vulgare essential oil and make no mistake about it, there is a difference in carvacrol levels, in quality based on country of origin, gathering practices and distillation processes. Your nose will tell you. How? Pure high grade oregano will smell clean and pure whereas your nasal senses will tell you something is not right about an oil that is adulterated or tainted in some way. You don’t have to know exactly what is wrong with the oil, you just need to know that you are not attracted to it’s odor.  Our oil is wild harvested from the mountains of Turkey and steam distilled without use of chemicals.


Not Available in Stores

100% pure oregano oil of any variety is not available in stores. Over the counter varieties of oregano oil are more expensive and less concentrated and typically it is very difficult to ascertain the ratio of oregano oil to carrier oil you are purchasing. We have nothing to hide and are up front about our product with no gimmicks or marketing tricks.


A Beneficial Herb

Oregano oil is one of the most potent plant oils on the face of the earth and it’s beneficial uses are among the most prolific of any other essential oils available on the market today. Check out our Q & A for more information.


Healing Properties

Based on hundreds of clinical studies researching the efficacious nature of oregano oil, oregano oil has consistently rated the highest when dealing with the elimination of bacterial and viral pathogens, funguses, molds and yes, even super bugs!  Oregano oil heals through a process of feeding the cells, cleaning the cells and destroying pathogens.


Nutrient Delivery

Another unique and powerful feature of oregano oil is it’s amazing ability to exercise discretion as it penetrates the cellular wall, bringing nutrients, minerals and vitamins to beneficial cells while immediately neutralizing organisms that are detrimental to life.


Certified Organic Ingredients

Natural herbal oils such as oregano oil have been used since time immemorial to treat hundreds of ailments, diseases and infections and without fail oregano oil will outperform the synthetic man-made alternatives. Our oregano oil is unrefined and 100% organic.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Eating oregano may cause stomach upset in some susceptible people. Individuals who are allergic to plants belonging to the to Lamiaceae family (such as including basil, lavender, mint, and sage) should be cautious as they can develop an allergic reaction to the herb.