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Option 1 & 2: The Activated Alumina Fluoride Reduction tank or Big Blue filter  is designed to specifically address reduction of the most difficult to remove of all drinking water contaminants, fluoride using Activated Alumina and Bone Char. The Enpress One Filter tank is designed for annual maintenance by the home owner and utilizes a unique cartridge system.  The refillable cartridge holds .25 cf of fluoride and .25 cf of bone char.  This filter will also address copper, lead, arsenic, phosphate and zinc.




Option 3: The Fluoride Reduction Electropositive Big Blue filter consists of Charged Zeta Filtration and is manufactured with Nano Alumina Fibers that have a Zeta potential of 51 millivolts. A CZF cartridge retains bacteria, virus, cryptosporidium cysts and even tannin with its strong Zeta Potential.

Unlike mechanical filters which rely on “pore size” the Charged Zeta Technology literally “secures” the contaminant. It is “absorbed” in a very real way. The filters have a long life and are easily replaceable.


  • System conforms to NSF/ANSI 61 Certified by WQA
  • Low pressure drop
  • Agion® Silver Zeolite Technology protects filter and reduces tastes and odors from microbes
  • Designed to fit any Big Blue 20″ housing.

Health and Safety

The CZF media is manufactured from a naturally occurring element called boehmite, which has no known Health Side Effects. In fact, boehmite has long been used as an additive to food products and digestive analgesics. Additionally, it has passed testing for NSF/ANSI Standard 42 and 61 for potable water and USP Class VI testing and endotoxin testing.

Electroabsorbative Technology for Water Purification

CZF media is engineered this 51 millivolt charge cover the entire volume and depth of the media. A CZF filter accomplished submicron filtration with a “charge” rather than “pore size” filtration, which allows for virtually zero pressure drop and high flow rates.

More information and images will be forthcoming.