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Multi-Round Filter Replacement Pack for GW4/5/7/9 – WITH FLUORIDE REMOVAL


Important Update: We have upgraded our options for this system by offering an alternative to the Aquametix filter with the advanced KDF55 filter. This change is accompanied by an updated lower pricing structure to reflect the cost of these replacement filters. NOTE: THE NEW KDF-55 OPTION DOES NOT REMOVE FLUORIDE, IF YOU ARE CERTAIN THERE IS FLUORIDE IN YOUR WATER STAY ON THIS PAGE AND ORDER THESE FILTERS. IF YOU ARE CERTAIN THERE IS NO FLUORIDE IN YOUR WATER YOU ARE SAFE TO ORDER THE ALTERNATIVE OPTION FOUND HERE.

Our latest replacement filters feature the sophisticated combination of KDF-55 and carbon media. KDF-55 utilizes a unique process involving copper and zinc to create a galvanic or electrochemical reaction. In this reaction, electrons are transferred between molecules, and this electron exchange forms a new element or changes the existing element into a harmless one. This effectively neutralizes many contaminants found in water. Paired with carbon media, which excels in adsorption, our filters ensure a significant enhancement in water quality. Elevate your water filtration experience with this advanced, safer technology.

For those concerned about fluoride levels in their water, we recommend considering our specialized fluoride reduction filter.