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Greenfield Water Solutions is proud to now offer an entirely Italian made filter housing to our line-up. The filters remain the same high-end German and American made filters, now housed in Atlas Filtri housings made in Italy. Current sale is for the standard poly housing. Both housings have a lifetime warranty against defects.

Greenfield Water Solution’s Under Sink Structured Water Filter Solution system creates triple stage filtration, structuring and energizing right at your kitchen sink using the best of American and German water filtration technology.  Filters included will all aid in broad spectrum contaminant removal, which also includes Fluoride, Arsenic, and Nitrates. Third party lab tests available at each link.

  • Stage 1 – Aquametix – Broad range contaminant removal using innovative American technology OR- Cerametix Filter (pathogen elimination/recommended for well water)  -OR- Arsenic Filter –  Change yearly
  • Stage 2 – Mineralization Cartridge Change yearly 
  • Stage 3 – CarbonBlock-TS3 Filter  – Broad range contaminant removal using latest German technology 
  • Stage 4 – Copper VortexerMaintenance free – Never needs replacing
  • Stage 5 – Energizer Maintenance free – Never needs replacing


Filter system is shipped with two water dispenser options:

  • Connects to your cold water faucet
  • Connects to a stand alone stainless water dispenser





Dimensions: 17.5″ L x 5.25″W x 14.75″ D


Our Stainless Steel Under Sink Structured Water Filter Solution system offers triple filtration, mineralization, structuring and energizing at  your kitchen sink. 

Can be connected directly to your water faucet or to a stand alone stainless steel water dispenser.


Structuring, Energizing, Filtration and Polishing Your Drinking Water At Your Kitchen Sink

Stage 1 features the Mineralizer cartridge reduces heavy metals, suspended solids, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and more while also contributing health enhancing magnesium to the water.

Stage 2 features the AquaMetix filters out contaminants not captured by the Mineralizer such as fluoride and lead as well many other contaminants and microplastics. AquaMetix Data Sheet

Option #2 for the second stage is the CeraMetix filter removes debris, toxic pathogens such as e-coli, viruses, bacteria, chemical compounds and contaminants from the water including but not limited to, chloramines, chlorine, lead, fluoride, heavy metals & VOC’s.  The CeraMetix filter offers the same features as the AquaMetix with difference being that the carbon block is surrounded by a washable ceramic shell which filters out bacteria, viruses and bacteria. CeraMetix Lab Report

Stage 3 features the CarbonBlock filter created with German technology. This carbon block filters down to one micron removing arsenic, flouride, heavy metals and more.

Stage 4 features our Copper Vortexer  which creates optimal toroidal vortexing  bringing water into an informed state which facilitates enhanced cell hydration for every cell in your body. 

Stage 5 features our Harmonizer which infuses beneficial, life enhancing information into the water.  The Harmonizer contains a broad array of natural minerals and elements which work to energize water with health enhancing natural EMF which is picked up by the water as it flows by the cartridge.


One of the chief benefits of the Aquametix filter is its capacity to remove the industrial version of fluoride from water. Fluoride occurs naturally in many water sources and is not harmful but the industrial version of fluoride infused into approximately 73% of American communities is an industrial pollutant which is also used an insecticide and pesticide.  The FDA, CDC and Water Quality Association of America refuse to acknowledge that the industrial version of fluoride is a poison. The majority of mainstream water treatment companies in America abide by the Water Quality Association stand that the industrial version of fluoride is healthy and necessary for children and adults thus few water companies will offer filtration for fluoride.


For well water we recommend this professional water test from Xpress Test.

If you are on a public water system, your water quality report is available online by going to the website of your public water system provider.

Here is an additional site for a limited water review:  EWG’S TAP WATER Database  (They don’t list fluoride).


  1. Ed Green

    “I remember reading about the cattle going only to the structured water trough. I have a German ShortHaired Pointer. Gave him two identical bowls of original tap water and the other was structured water. He wouldn’t drink the tap water that he always drank. Pretty wild!!”

  2. Jeff Angel, Mount Vernon, Indiana

    I purchased a structuring unit for my parents who are in their eighties. They reported three notable events:

    Their toilet bowl was easier to clean.
    My father’s asthma attacks were easier to manage.
    My mom’s dementia stabilized.

  3. Jonathan Beaudette

    The Los Angeles water coming out of my faucet now tastes amazing! I don’t have to buy water anymore. I also feel at peace knowing that the water has been thoroughly cleaned, harmonized and structured by a system designed with integrity, genius and love. I’m grateful to have found Greenfield Water Solutions!

  4. Sarah Ricco (store manager)

    We’ve noticed the following since installing a Versatile Vortexer and 4-stage undersink unit with a mineralizing cartridge:
    1. Our chickens consistently drink all of their structured water before resorting to unstructured well water when offered both options, side by side.
    2. We always have enough hot water for showers, running out was an issue in the past due to the small size of our electric water heater.
    3. We really like the taste of the water and therefore find it easier to hydrate sufficiently throughout the day.
    4. After drinking the water for a few days I experienced a bit of a Herxheimer reaction (a good sign, shows the water is actually detoxifying the body), and have definitely noticed increased energy levels ever since.

  5. jonathan glowacki (verified owner)


  6. Christina F. (verified owner)

    This is a great system. (For the team – It arrived without the faucet. Also, the nuts on the top part were loose and started leaking 10 days after I started using it. All set now, but something to look into)

  7. Ryan Hoover (verified owner)

    Love the 5 Stage filter system. Very easy to install and everything needed was included. Water tastes noticeably better and I love to show my guests how an animal will ALWAYS go for the structured water. My plants all get the filtered water and seem to be thriving. Very satisfied.

  8. Glenn G. (verified owner)

    Easy install thanks to the videos and written instructions, did not have to use the written instructions because the under the sink video install was so thorough!! Well worth the $$!!

  9. Samantha S. (verified owner)

  10. Lesley Fisher (verified owner)

    Fantastic filter! Takes out all the bad stuff, and structures the water. Plus, it was so easy to install. I bought one for myself and one for my daughter’s college rental house. She can take it with her when she moves. AND the price is so reasonable. A+++

  11. Brian V. (verified owner)

    Excellent service. Very helpful with explanations in regards to filtration. Customer support was there for me when I needed them. 5 stars!!

  12. Janelle L. (verified owner)

  13. Susan A. (verified owner)

    This is an excellent unit. The water tastes so smooth and clean! Zak was amazing. Every time I called he answered and helped me with my installation questions. Thank you!

  14. DAVID D. (verified owner)

    I am a big fan of Greenfield Water. They’re in it for the right reasons, and provide well conceived, well built and cutting edge equipment.

  15. Lynn (verified owner)

  16. Matthew G. (verified owner)

    I am totally satisfied. Structured water is a game changer!

  17. Frank (verified owner)

    Pretty easy installation for someone who isn’t a plumber.

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