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Artisan Handmade Stoneware Gravity Water Filter System With Stand – Bristol White or Cobalt Blue – Terra2™ **OUT OF STOCK**


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Terra2™ Gravity Feed Filter System Overview: The Terra2™, crafted by Ceramic Filter Company, is a remarkable blend of art and function in water filtration. This system, rooted in the tradition of pottery, brings an innovative approach to gravity filters. It stands as a stylish alternative to traditional plastic or stainless steel options, embodying a dedication to quality and aesthetic appeal.

Design and Materials: Each Terra2™ unit is handcrafted from a special clay blend, demonstrating exceptional artisanship. The stoneware housing is finished with an on-site, hand-sprayed, lead-free glaze, ensuring both the purity of the water and an attractive appearance. The American-made construction highlights the commitment to superior craftsmanship and design.


  • Dimensions: 18” in height (with lid), 8” in diameter.
  • Weight: 14lbs (empty).
  • Capacity: 2 gallons (1-gallon filtered water in the lower reservoir).
  • Filters: Includes a pair of either AquaMetix or Cerametix filters.
  • Handmade in the USA.


Filtration Technology

  • Broad Spectrum Contaminant Removal: Both AquaMetix and Cerametix filters are effective for city water, removing a wide range of contaminants.
  • Well Water Advantages: Cerametix filters excel in well water environments, removing bacteria and other microbiological contaminants, and are scrub-able for sediment management. Also addresses broad spectrum contaminates (see lab test)
  • Filtration Speed: AquaMetix filters offer a faster filtration rate, ideal for those needing quick water filtering, most common for municipal water (will not offer protection against heavy sediment, although you can rinse it off to an extent)
  • Note: Avoid red dye tests and priming is not required for these filters.
  • Lab Tests Below in Description






(Lab tests don’t always reflect real world situations and contaminant removal is affected by water quality. 

Filtering is only one half of the equation to bring water back to its optimized naturally informed and energized state.  Vortexing and energising your water with a Copper Handheld Vortexer will give your body enhanced energy and hydration. Simply pour water through the Handheld Vortexer when either filling the reservoir or when filling your glass.


4 reviews for Artisan Handmade Stoneware Gravity Water Filter System With Stand – Bristol White or Cobalt Blue – Terra2™ **OUT OF STOCK**

  1. Sarah F. (verified owner)


  2. AUSTIN FREEMAN (verified owner)

    I received my Terra2 from Greenfieldwater and had an issue with the pricing (I actually wrote a bad review which is rare for me). However, Zach emailed me and gave me some options, and then followed up further. Truly excellent customer service that boosted my faith in the Greenfield brand. I’ll be looking to buy more products from them in the future, and so far the Terra2 is an awesome product. It’s well built (love the stainless steel spigot) and the water tastes great. I wish I would have bought this long ago.

  3. Christine (verified owner)

    This is a great, life-changing thing! My only suggestion would be if they could add a gauge (i.e. carve out a vertical sliver on the bottom section of the container) so that you can see if you need to refill, without having to lift the upper chamber every time (and risk dropping it, etc)… Other than that, a great product!

  4. Marsha L. (verified owner)

    Love this filter. It’s so beautiful and the water is great!

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