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Hand made by some of the world’s best American and Mexican coppersmiths, using 95%+ copper which is certified to neutralize pathogenic bacteria and viruses protecting against infections while also providing long-term healing properties that include better digestion, hormone regulation and heart health.  The Sertodo Copper Water Dispenser is truly a preventive health product presented as a stunningly beautiful work of art.

  • 2 gallon dispenser capacity, 2 gallon purification tank capacity, and lid.
  • Outfitted with two Cerametix GF, the most advanced Ceramic/Carbon gravity feed filters available.
  • High quality stainless steel spigot.
  • Filters out bacteria, chlorines, fluorides, pharmaceuticals, VOC’s, lead, and more.  Check the Filters Specs image for more information.
  • Adding in the Oligodynamic effect of copper, and your drinking water becomes second to none!
  • Includes a high quality stainless steel spigot and stand.


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